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Congratulations to Matt and Cole and their dog "Slick" for winning high point dog of the year for UFTA in both Amateur and Open Pointing" Click for more info

2016 UFTA Nationals Accomplishments

2016 UFTA NATIONAL CHAMPION: Rocky River's Dueces are Wild!!! "Dueces" handled by Matt Behe and owned by Richard and Marlene Sipes took home the national championship in pointing open!! Rocky River's Fallen Angel "Hellion" came in sixth place in pointing open. Also making the open finals were "Shooter"(owned by Richard Sipes) and "Reno" (handled by Brian Rutrough and owned by Dan Torgeson).
Rocky River had four dogs to place out of the top 6! First place went to Rocky River's "Hannah" owned and handled by Randy Brown. Second place was won by Rocky River's Fallen Angel "Hellion" owned and handled by Matt Behe, Libery Corner's "Ambler" won 4th place (owned by Richard Sipes), and Rocky River'Smooth Operator "Slick" came in 6th! Other notables that made the finals were Rocky River's Like a Rock "Chevy" (owned by Tommy Lemons and handled by Phil Behe), "Reno" (owned by Dan Torgeson and handled by Clay Moose).
First place in pointing doubles went to Rocky River's Fallen Angel "Hellion" and "Covey"(owned by Tommy Wiley and handled by Clay Moose)! The following dogs also made the doubles finals: "Ambler" (owned by Richard and Marlene Sipes), "Reno" (owned by Dan Torgeson and handled by Brian Rutrough).
Second place went to Phil Behe and Rocky River's Fallen Angel "Hellion"!
Marlene Sipes and "Shooter" won the Ladies Pointing!
Cool Facts
HELLION won the trophy count, she had an outstanding week! Out of 14 runs, her longest time in the field was 7 minutes! She made the finals in all 4 events she was entered!
DUECES-Now the only dog to win UFTA in all 3 divisions!! She is an amazing athlete!
RENO- owned by Dan Torgeson, also made the finals in all 3 events that he was entered!
AMBLER- missed making all 3 finals by only 1 point...The only run that Matt had ALL week without 3 shot birds (a sick non performer) and it cost Ambler! Rocky River also had 3 dogs to make the finals in the FLUSHING division: "Rainbow" (handled by Randy Brown and owned by Phil Behe), "Briley" (owned and handled by Chris Dansby), and "Gunner" (owned and handled by Adam Littlefield). Finally, Brandywines Rich and Smooth Amberbock "Amber" was presented with a "Ten Time Champion" belt buckle!!!

We are located in Reidsville, NC, the land of the two rivers Along with hunting ducks and upland game birds, we also enjoy training field trialing and hunt tests. We will also be hosting several tournaments throughout the year.

If you are interested in our dogs, our training programs, or you would just like to call and talk dogs, we would be happy to chat about our favorite past time!

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