Training Options and Packages

Basic Training Options

$1200/month (includes birds and food)
$100/hour training session- Bring your dog and have trainer evaluate, assist and teach both the dog and handler. This is for obedience or hunting dog training/handling assistance. These lessons are tailor-made for each dog.

Puppy Head Start Program

for dogs 4-6 months old
Intro to birds
Intro to guns
Intro to water
Retrieving work
Crate Training

Tune-Up Program

Every year, your canine companion, like every athlete, needs to be tuned up for the upcoming season. We will have your dog primed up and ready to go for whatever hunt, competition or rendezvous you are planning! (price varies)

Champion Program

"You know your dog is a champion, now LET'S make it OFFICIAL!

This program is for dogs that have already completed, or are currently enrolled in a started dog program. We will prepare and take your dog to field trials and/or hunt tests in order for you to have the coveted "Champion" label on your dog! There will be a $100 fee per hunt test/field trial in addition to a portion of expenses which will be based on the number of dogs traveling with trainer. There is also a $100 compensation awarded to trainer after the completion of a title.

Boarding and Upland Package


This package is available to owners who would like to board their dog and come when they can to quail hunt on site! The price includes 50 quail per month!


Upper Level Retriever Training
Starts at $900/month (three month minimum for all $900 per month training options)

Started Dog- whoa, here, come, sit (retrievers), kennel, natural retrieve work, socialization, whistle commands (approximately 3-4 months)

Polished Gundog- conditioned retrieve, whistle commands, proficient double water and land marks, intermediate blind work, walk ups and fly aways (approximately 2-4 months)

Showoff Gundog- slip proof, proficiency in blind retrieves, triples and quadruples marks, poison birds, tracking and test/field trial ready!

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